Diary of a Demon: Chapter 2 (FULL MOVIE) HD
Diary of a Demon: Chapter 2 (FULL MOVIE)
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Diary of a Demon: Chapter 2 (FULL MOVIE)

Johnny Gordon
Runtime: 1:46:16
Published on Feb 03, 2015
A found footage style horror movie. You need to wear headphones to hear all the sound effects, some do not work without using them!

STARRING: Morgan Doherty, Sarah Angelici, Dan Garrity, Hannah Clifford, Erica Goddard, Jerry Greene, Beth Teague, Gabby Smachetti, Kaven Matyczynski, Julie MacLeod, Sam Asuque, Victoria DeCosmo, Sydney Raymond, Paul Barrett, Jen Guimond, Ryan Morrissey, Tessa Newell, Amity Leary, Abby McMahon, Kathryn Long, Dan Dilling, Ryan Cashman, Courtney Kossick, Rae Lentz, Marisa Olson, Ryan Pound, Stacy Wacks, Sam Prudhomme, Olivia Dumas, Ivy Lee, Johnny Gordon