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The Ending Of It Explained
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The Ending Of It Explained

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Published on Sep 10, 2017
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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The newest adaptation of Stephen King's It has introduced yet another generation of kids to their worst nightmares. The 1990 TV miniseries scared the jorts off every early millennial with a VCR and four hours to spare. But the 2017 version moves the setting to the late '80s, when milk cartons paraded pictures of missing children, and the New Kids on the Block were every teen's guiltiest Walkman pleasure. Through a wildly entertaining funhouse of fright, the Losers Club comes together to do what the adults can't and banish evil. But do they really put an end to their shared enemy? Let's take a look at what actually happens at the end of It...

The Losers Club is strong... | 0:37
They're not invincible | 1:36
Bev chooses herself… kind of | 2:42
Parental plight | 3:27
Henry Bowers is MIA | 4:13
What about the floating kids? | 4:55
It isn't over | 5:52

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