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The Whiskey Robber
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The Whiskey Robber

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Published on Aug 22, 2006
A collection of never seen video from Hungary of Attila Ambrus, the so-called "modern day Robin Hood." A native of Transylvania, Attila became a national hero in Hungary known as the "Whiskey Robber" during the post-communist 1990s by knocking off 29 banks in outrageous fashion, handing flowers to tellers and never hurting anyone. He also worked as an animal pelt smuggler, a gravedigger and, for a few years as the Zamboni driver for the nation's biggest pro hockey team. In 1992 he became the team's goalie, a position he held for 8 years, all during his robberies. He was possibly the worst goaltender in the history of professional hockey, once giving up 23 goals in one game. The subject of a book and reportedly an upcoming film starring Johnny Depp, Attila is now 38 years old and lives in a maximum security prison in northeast Hungary, from which he blogs at