Townies - Boston Irish Mob (Full Movie) HD
Townies - Boston Irish Mob (Full Movie)
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Townies - Boston Irish Mob (Full Movie)

Shamrock Films
Runtime: 00:42:47
Published on Aug 24, 2017
The son of an Irish mafia boss is released from prison with dreams of Florida, but visions of palm trees vanish in gun smoke when he's immediately surrounded by his crew and all of their problems.

The no-budget Irish mob film Townies was filmed in the Boston area in 2007 with the help of volunteers and aspiring actors. The film was intended to be a full length feature film, but the production was shut down after a gun firing scene was filmed in public without proper permits. Scared citizens thought it was a real shooting and ran screaming for help. The incident garnered national media attention on CNN. Townies director, Mike O'Dea, gathered the footage he did have and made a short film that was premiered at the NY International film festival. O'Dea rewrote the script completely and intends to remake the film in 2019.

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