Mistrial on most serious counts in Gotti Mafia trial HD
Mistrial on most serious counts in Gotti Mafia trial
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Mistrial on most serious counts in Gotti Mafia trial

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Published on Jul 23, 2015
(21 Sep 2005)
1. Wide shot Federal courthouse
2. Mid shot John Gotti Jr. lawyer leaving courthouse
3. SOUNDBITE (English): Jeffrey Lichtman, Lawyer for John Gotti Jr.:
"The jury has spoken loud and clear there was not a single allegation against John Gotti that was found proven after years and years of bugging his attorney's room in prison, of bugging his visitor's room in prison, years and years, these allegations go back for fifteen years. Not a single allegation was proven against John Gotti and he was acquitted of some of the most serious charges.
Reporter Question - How soon are you going to ask for bail?
SOUNDBITE (English): Jeffrey Lichtman, Lawyer for John Gotti Jr.:
We have already asked for bail. The judge has indicated she is inclined to grant it. I expect to have John home within days. With his family where he should be and out of jail. Enough is enough."
4. Mid shot Gotti's mother
5. SOUNDBITE (English): Victoria Gotti, John Gotti's mother:
"I'm happy, I'm grateful God bless those jurors, God bless them. I really can't even talk about it, honestly. I have to go."
6. SOUNDBITE (English): Angel Gotti, John Gotti's sister:
"I'm very happy my brother is coming home."
7. Mid shot Gotti's brother
8. SOUNDBITE (English): Peter Gotti, John Gotti's brother:
"A couple of days, I just want him to see his children, that's all I care about - I don't even know what to say."
9. Mid shot Curtis Sliwa, radio talk show host, and some of the Guardian Angels
10. SOUNDBITE (English): Curtis Sliwa, radio host and founder of Guardian Angels:
"It is a hung jury, it is a mistrial and there's round two. It doesn't mean John Gotti junior is innocent. It just means the US Government has reassured me we are going after him round two on the very same charges. So even though I'm disappointed, I waited thirteen years. I can certainly wait a little longer for justice to be done."
10. Mid shot group of reporters around Sliwa
11. Mid shot exterior courthouse
The judge in the John A. "Junior" Gotti racketeering case declared a mistrial on the most serious charges Tuesday after the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked.
After eight days of deliberations, the jury said it could agree on only one count and acquitted Gotti, son of the late Mafia boss John Gotti, of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. That verdict will stand if there is a retrial in the case.
US District Judge Shira Scheindlin declared a mistrial on the remaining counts, which included an allegation that Gotti plotted the kidnapping of Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels crime-fighting group.
Scheindlin discharged the jury after it indicated for the second straight day that it was unable to reach a decision about the bulk of the case.
Gotti faced a sentence of up to 30 years in prison if convicted of multiple racketeering charges. His father was sentenced to life in prison in 1992 and died there 10 years later.
Prosecutors told the judge that they would seek to retry Gotti.
Defence attorneys asked that Gotti be released on bail. Scheindlin said she was likely to grant the request, drawing applause from Gotti's supporters.
Gotti was smiling in the courtroom after it was announced the trial had ended. He hugged one of his co-defendants and his lawyers.
"The jury has spoken loud and clear ... Not a single allegation was proven against John Gotti and he was acquitted of some of the most serious charges said Gotti's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, who predicted that Gotti would be free on bail within days.
A masked hit-man shot Sliwa during a struggle in a taxi. Sliwa survived, and he testified last month, as did admitted mobsters who pleaded guilty and became government co-operators.

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